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ADB’s LPR Program is comprised of lawyers and other professionals with expertise, operational experience, and long-term relationships with legal and judicial stakeholders.

The program is supported by a dedicated team that provides advisory, coordination, and support services. We work together with other ADB teams and development partners to support inclusive and sustainable development across developing member countries.

Thomas M. Clark

"Under the LPR Program, our lawyers design, process, and implement technical assistance in areas relating to legal and judicial reforms. Through targeted interventions that address the specific needs of each country we serve, we have made huge strides over the years to reduce inequities, strengthen institutions, spur economic activity, and foster inclusive and sustainable growth across Asia and the Pacific."

Thomas M. Clark

General Counsel, ADB

"Our team has enormous passion for what they do. I am extremely proud of their dedication to strengthening legal systems and institutions to support inclusive and sustainable development in ADB's developing member countries. They are true development professionals."

Damien Eastman

Deputy General Counsel, ADB

"Our LPR Champions understand the challenges of legal reform - working to reform policies, pass new laws, and change mindsets takes time, patience and determination."

Christina Pak

Principal Counsel and Team Leader, Law and Policy Reform, ADB