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LPR technical assistance projects are grounded on three core instruments

  1. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    17 integrated global goals that cover the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development

  2. ADB Strategy 2030
    The ADB long-term corporate strategy 2030 that defines effective responses to the region's changing needs. Specifically, Strategy 2030 provides that "the rule of law is needed to sustain development momentum and to ensure that the benefits of growth are equitably and widely shared"

  3. ADB Country Partnership Strategy
    ADB's primary platform for designing and delivering tailored investment and knowledge solutions to help achieve each country's development goals

How We Deliver

Assist governments with legal and regulatory reforms
Design and deliver tailored national and regional capacity-building programs
Produce tailored knowledge tools and resources
Convene knowledge-sharing events

Who We Work With

Fostering a Virtuous Cycle of Knowledge Transfer​

"The fellowship, the support, the facilitation which Asian Development Bank is providing to judges is unique because very few organizations work with the courts. This is an exceptional program. The extraordinary part of this program is we are not only connecting among the judges of the world, but we are also able to connect with academicians."

Hon Justice Sapana Pradhan Malla 
Supreme Court of Nepal 


Our Work

Establishing and strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks and building the capacity of stakeholders for a more sustainable and climate-resilient planet

Helping to break down barriers for fair access to justice and eliminating violence against women and girls

Enabling a conducive environment for the expansion of the digital economy, fintech development, and the digitalization of trade

Supporting an enabling environment to boost private sector growth, public-private partnerships, and foreign direct investment and trade

LPR technical assistance projects have supported developing member countries to

Establish strong, fair and predictable legal frameworks

Develop the capacity of judiciaries and enforcement agencies to uphold the rule of law

Create enabling environments for inclusive and sustainable economic development