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Enabling effective legal and judicial systems for a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific

A functioning legal and judicial system establishes, implements, and enforces laws and regulations fairly, consistently, and ethically 

“The rule of law is needed to sustain development momentum 
and to ensure that the benefits of growth are equitably and widely shared.”
ADB Strategy 2030


Our Work

Establishing and strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks and building the capacity of stakeholders for a more sustainable and climate-resilient planet

Helping to break down barriers for fair access to justice and eliminating violence against women and girls

Enabling a conducive environment for the expansion of the digital economy, fintech development, and the digitalization of trade

Supporting an enabling environment to boost private sector growth, public-private partnerships, and foreign direct investment and trade


News and Events


Flagship Programs

Asian Judges Network on Environment

A network of senior judges across Asia and the Pacific committed to judicial capacity building and multilateral exchanges on environmental and climate change adjudication

Model Forest Act Initiative (MoFAI)

A global partnership to produce a legal toolkit for policy makers, legislators, civil society organisations, and judiciaries for effective and sustainable forest management and conservation

Developing Climate and Environmental Law Champions

Building the next generation of climate change and environmental law experts by enhancing the capacity of legal educators and lawyers for better implementation and enforcement of laws

Legal Readiness for Climate Finance and Climate Investment

Modernizing laws to optimize options for climate finance and address legal barriers to climate investments