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ADB Develops New E-Learning Platform for ASEAN Judges to Enhance Judicial Education

In partnership with the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices (CACJ), ADB’s Law and Policy Reform Program launches the first-of-its-kind e-learning platform and e-learning module on international commercial arbitration. Over 100 judges from ASEAN member states attended the event and discussed the evolution of judicial education, particularly in the era of technological advancements.

ADB Holds Comprehensive Training for Cambodian Judges on Climate and Environmental Law

On 11–15 March 2024, ADB's Law and Policy Reform Program collaborated with the Royal Academy for Justice of Cambodia to provide comprehensive training for judges in handling climate and environmental law litigation. This workshop marked a significant innovation in judicial education on environmental law because it focused on the craft of adjudication, complementing previous training on climate and environmental law.

ADB Supports Papua New Guinea in Enacting State-of-the-Art Arbitration Laws to Create an Enabling Environment for the Private Sector

ADB's Law and Policy Reform Program, in partnership with the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) assisted with Papua New Guinea's (PNG) enactment of two arbitration laws which are expected to attract foreign direct investment and international private climate finance.


ADB holds Consultations on Bhutan’s New Insolvency Rescue Bill

On 15-17 April 2024, ADB and Bhutan’s Ministry of Finance held stakeholders' consultations on the draft new Insolvency Rescue Bill of Bhutan 2024 in Paro, Bhutan. The objective of the new law is to simplify the current insolvency law, which is seen as complex and impractical particularly for MSMEs and individuals.

ADB Hosts Artificial Intelligence Regulatory Models Expert Discussion

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings many potential benefits and opportunities but also practical and ethical concerns and risks to society. Governments must understand its advantages, protect users, as well prevent unintended consequences that can lead to existential crisis within their countries and globally.

ADB Supports the Operationalization of Cambodia's First Commercial Court

ADB Country Director, Jyotsana Varma, and Minister of Justice Excellency Koeut Rith sign MOU, marking an important step towards operationalizing Cambodia's first commercial court, a top priority of the MOJ.