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Narine Avetisyan

Senior Investment Officer

Narine Avetisyan

Narine Avetisyan, a Senior Investment Officer in the Armenia Resident Mission of ADB. She is actively engaged in promoting an enabling environment for the private sector through direct investments and collaborating with key stakeholders to enhance the business climate and regulatory framework of the country.  

In addition of being a Senior Investment Officer Narine is also serving as a Knowledge Management and Innovation coordinator. She explores various interventions in ADB’s ongoing and new projects to integrate institutional knowledge management thinking and maximize value-added outcomes.  

Ms. Avetisyan specializes in midstream interventions for private sector development, working on solutions during the pre-investment phase to render clients eligible for development finance.  

Ms. Avetisyan's strategic acumen, innovation, and commitment are evident in her adept negotiations on complex projects, coupled with her strong communication skills and unwavering passion for the developmental impact of each intervention. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management of diverse, multi-disciplinary teams.