Solomon Islands 2021 Nationally Determined Contribution

Solomon Islands submitted updated commitments in its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) submitted in 2021. The commitments are premised on: (a) Fair and ambitious commitment to implementation of the Paris Agreement, reflecting Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities, and (b) Timely access to international climate change financing, capacity building and technology resources. Solomon Islands is committed to reducing its emissions by 14% below 2915 and 33% below 2015 by 20130 compared to a business as usual projections. If and when Paris Agreement addresses international assistance to access financial and technical resources, Solomon Islands can, with international assistance, contribute a further 27% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025; and 45% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, compared to a BaU projection. With appropriate international assistance, Solomon Islands can achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The NDC covers combustion of fossil fuels and forest carbon sequestration, the energy, agriculture forestry and land use (AFOLU) and coastal marine ecosystems. In terms of adaptation, Solomon Islands considers it vital and urgent to develop the capacity of the country to assess risks and vulnerabilities associated with climate variability and change and to reduce climate change risks and adapt to the predicted impacts of climate change. These include short term disaster risk reduction measures for climate variability and episodic extreme events, and long-term adaptation to climate change including, inter-alia, enhancing ecosystem and social resilience, climate proofing infrastructure and relocating communities as a last resort.