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ADB Partners with Kyrgyz Republic to Review Nation's Legal Framework for E-Commerce

Technical Assistance on Enabling a Conducive Environment for the Digital Economy: Presentation on the Draft Report on E-Commerce Law in the Kyrgyz Republic

Globally, effective and efficient trade is made possible through electronic communication. However, innovative business methods using digital communications often encounter legal frameworks designed for paper or print media. This can lead to uncertainty and barriers to efficient transactions. Over the past quarter century, legal frameworks have been modernized to catch up to and accommodate electronic transactions.  

To cascade these changes in the Kyrgyz Republic, ADB, through its Office of the General Counsel's Law and Policy Reform Program, drafted a report that reviews the legal framework for e-commerce in the country. 

To launch the report, ADB hosted and presented the report to representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Association of E-Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program Institute, the International Trade Center (ITC), the Central Asia E-Commerce Law and Policy Project of the US Department of Commerce, and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Secretariat. The presentation was followed by a discussion with feedback and comments from the participants. 

Expressing his appreciation and support for the report, Nurian Dzhusumaliev, Head of Trade, Policy and Export at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Republic of Kyrgyzstan said, “I extend my appreciation to ADB and experts. The pandemic has shown that electronic e-commerce is a big benefit to the economy… this research will help us in future decision-making when improving the legislative framework.” 

In collaboration with the CAREC Institute, ADB developed an online training course on e-commerce. The course aims to build the capacity and provide tools to government officials, entrepreneurs, and businesses so that they can connect to the global community. The course covers how to create the right environment for e-commerce, providing regional context, and citing the trends that drive growth.  

For more information about the review of the Kyrgyz Republic legal framework for e-commerce, click here.