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ADB highlights vital role of blended finance in mobilizing climate capital at Sustainable Finance Summit

IIF Sustainable Finance Summit

General Counsel Thomas Clark, on 6 April, addressed the IIF’s Transitional Finance Workshop and Sustainable Finance Summit in Tokyo. GC Clark stressed the need to deploy public sector funds to leverage the significant amounts of private capital required to achieve net zero in Asia and the Pacific. He highlighted how ADB can address the bankability gap through risk participations, concessional debt and equity, and contractual subordination, as well as enhance legal and regulatory regimes to create the necessary pre-conditions and incentives for private capital. AED Keiko Takahashi took note of the needs of the financial institutions and private sector in mobilizing transition finance. GC Clark and Christina Pak also discussed climate change issues with students from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy, focusing on how they can equip themselves as future policymakers to help address the greatest challenge of the 21st century.

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Christina Pak
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