Updated Nationally Determined Contributions 2021, Bangladesh

The updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) 2021 of Bangladesh outline the mitigation and adaptation components that the country aims to achieve by the year 2030. It targets an unconditional contribution to reduce GHG emissions by 6.73% below Business As Usual (BAU) levels by 2030 in the power, transport and industry sectors and a conditional 15.12% reduction in GHG emissions from BAU levels by 2030 in these sectors. This reduction is in addition to the proposed reductions in the unconditional scenario. It also discusses what Bangladesh has already achieved for adaptation, as well as the next steps and the long-term vision for adaptation. 

It likewise discusses the potential actions to achieve the target reductions, including implementation of renewable energy projects, enhanced efficiency in power plants, transport and industry sub-sectors, deforestation reduction and reforestation, and improved waste management.