Law on Public-Private Partnership, 2021 (Uzbekistan)

The Amended Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Law of Uzbekistan regulates relations in the area of public-private partnerships and concessions. However, it does not apply to production sharing agreements and public procurement. It establishes the Agency for the Development of PPP which is the authorized government agency implementing the state PPP policy. It enumerates the rights and obligations of the parties to the PPP agreement, which includes a restriction against the private partner from transferring the right to use the land plot assigned to him on the terms of the PPP partnership. It provides the procedure for preparation of the PPP project by public and by private initiators, respectively, and the approvals required for the amendment, addition or termination of the PPP agreements which shall be approved depending on the total value of the project. It provides for the selection of a private partner through tender results or direct negotiation. There is also a success fee payment, which is a single payment to be paid by the bid winner to the PPP Development Authority. There shall be a publicly available unified information system with data on registry of  PPP projects. In exceptional cases for PPP projects carried out with the participation of foreign investments, prices of goods realized in Uzbekistan may pegged to foreign currencies and conventional units based on the decisions of the President of Uzbekistan.