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Fiji's Updated Nationally Determined Contribution, 2020

Fiji's Updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) reaffirms the 2030 target set in its Intended NDC. Specifically, it commits to a reduction of 30% of business as usual (BAU) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the energy sector by 2030 (absolute reduction as compared to reference year emissions). Of the 30% reduction of BAU baseline CO2 emissions, 10% will be achieved “unconditionally” using available resources in the country and 20% achieved “conditionally” depending on available external financing. In terms of adaptation, the Updated NDC targets include the adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture practices, enhance resilience of critical public infrastructure, develop simplified and standardized early warning and monitoring systems, relocate highly vulnerable communities and implement the concept of "build back better," build a strong healthcare system, conserve natural environment and biodiversity, plant a million trees by 2035, and establish 30% of its Exclusive Economic Zone as Marine Protected Areas. The Updated NDC further commits to achieve a net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, up-front information to facilitate clarity, transparency and understanding, a commitment to enact its Climate Change Bill by 2021, and a commitment to operationalize its National Adaptation Plan.