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E-Learning: Introduction to E-commerce

E-Learning: Introduction to E-commerce

About the Course

This practical course covers various electronic commerce (e-commerce) concepts and explains:

What e-commerce is

Who can be part of it

How it works

This course not only breaks down the different models of e-commerce, but also provides an overview of related technical aspects in 2 units: 

Unit 1: Broad Range of Basic E-Commerce Concepts (41 minutes)

Unit 2: E-Commerce Technology (41 minutes)

Learning Objectives

  • Build digital literacy; particularly through enabling digital literacy for general public and businesses.
  • Understand e-commerce concepts and terminologies.
  • Recognize various e-commerce models.
  • Understand basic technology components of e-commerce.
  • Understand the basic workings of online banking.

How to Complete this e-Course

  • Watch 2 video lessons.
  • Review open access reading materials.
  • Successfully pass quiz (8 questions) with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Answer simple feedback questions.
  • Certificate with unique ID will be issued upon completion of course requirements.