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Wang Shekun

Ph. D, Associate Professor

Wang Shekun

Prof. Wang Shekun is now an associate professor of environmental law at Peking University Law School. Meanwhile, he is a member of Environmental Law Branch of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and the China Association for Environment and Resources Law. He is also the editors of the Chinese Rule of Environmental Law.

Professor Wang Shekun received his Ph.D degree in environmental law from Peking University Law School in 2009. Prior to this, he earned Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Peking University Law School in 2002 and 2005 respectively. After receiving his doctoral degree, Wang Shekun had a two years postdoctoral research at Tsinghua University Law School. In 2011 Wang Shekun was invited to join the faculty of the Peking Law School. Since then, his teaching and research interests are environmental law, natural resources law and energy law. The courses he has taught include an introduction to environmental law, seminar in natural resources law and energy law.

Professor Wang Shekun has written extensively on the issues related to environmental rights, environmental tort, environmental impact assessment, the rights to natural resources, environmental public interest litigation, etc. He is the author or co-author (co-translator) of more than 5 academic books or textbooks and over 30 academic papers published in legal and environmental science journals. He is the author of Environmental Law (Peking University Press 2015), He also had his representative academic books On Rights of Utilizing Environment, published by Peking University Press in 2013, which got the First Class Award in Fourth Li Qing Environmental Law Award in 2015.

Apart from her teaching and research activities at Peking University, Professor Wang Shekun has taken part in drafting, demonstrating or revising China’s environment and resources protection laws and regulations, such as EIA Law, Regulations on EIA for Plan, Regulations on Environmental Monitoring, etc. He has also completed over a dozen research projects related to his academic interests in environmental law and natural resources law for various Chinese government ministries/agencies and international institutions, including the ADB and UNDP.