Sok Phanna

Master of Environmental Law, Lecturer of Law, Royal University of Law and Economics


Sok Phanna is holding a Master of Environmental Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and two Bachelor’s Degrees from Cambodian universities (one in law and the other in education), He has been working in the field of human rights and environmental law for more than a decade. Throughout his professional experience, Mr. Sok has been in management and advisory roles where he has run law firms and non-governmental organizations. Besides, he has been a member of the Sub-technical Working Group to draft the Environment and Natural Resource Code of Cambodia where he has provided legal inputs into the draft Code. Moreover, he has provided advice on various human rights and environmental law issues to non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and interested individuals. Apart from this, he has been teaching law, including environmental law, for two years. He has also been a teacher of English for more than ten years.


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