ADB Law and Policy Reform Program
Asian Development Bank

Imelda Alcala

Senior Project Coordinator (Consultant), Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Ms. Imelda T. Alcala has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (major in Management) degree. She has been with the Asian Development Bank as a consultant for various projects since 1996. Her 25 years in the bank have seen her handle projects in environmental law, energy and water regulation, climate change, food fortification and health policy, regional cooperation in law, justice and development, finance and risk mitigation, and commercial law reform. At present, Ms. Alcala is the Senior Project Coordinator for two technical assistant projects under the Office of the General Counsel’s Law and Policy Reform Program: (i) on international arbitration law reform in the South Pacific, and (ii) on capacity building in environmental and climate change law. She is responsible for overseeing and managing the roll‑over of project logistics, coordination and administration. She describes herself as the person who helps fit the puzzle pieces together

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