Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program: How to Design an Environmental Law Clinic – Experiences and Challenges


This is the ninth session in the Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program that ran from September to December 2021 and was hosted by the Republic of the Philippines Legal Education Board in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), IUCN Academy of Environmental Law (IUCNAEL) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

This session presented setting up Environmental Law Clinics as well as the experience and challenges of existing Environmental Law Clinics in the country.

  • 9:00AM: Introduction
  • 9:01AM: Opening Instruction and Video Presentation
  • 9:03AM: Introduction of 1st Resource Speaker
  • 9:05AM: Actual Lecture (25 mins) - Dr. Georgina Lloyd
  • 9:30AM: Presentation of 2nd Resource Speaker
  • 9:32AM: Actual Lecture (25 mins) - Atty. Donna Gasgonia
  • 9:57AM: Break    
  • 10:02AM: Presentation of 3rd Resource Speakers
  • 10:04AM: Actual Lecture (12.5 mins) - Atty. Joyce Melcar Tan 
  • 10:17AM: Actual Lecture (12.5 mins) - Atty. John Menguito
  • 10:30AM: Open Forum (30 mins)
  • 11:00AM: End