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ADB Hosts Artificial Intelligence Regulatory Models Expert Discussion

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings many potential benefits and opportunities but also practical and ethical concerns and risks to society. Governments must understand its advantages, protect users, as well prevent unintended consequences that can lead to existential crisis within their countries and globally. Co-Organized by ADB's Law and Policy Reform Program and Digital Technology for Development Group, ADB hosted an engaging webinar that aims to answer the big questions related to AI Regulatory Models. 

The big questions related to AI include:

  • What is the current state of Al regulation globally and in the Asia Pacific region? 
  • Can Al truly be regulated? 
  • Which specific aspects of Al need to be regulated and by whom? 
  • How can legal guard rails be established to minimize the unintended consequences of technology without curtailing innovation?
  • How can Al regulation be enforced? 

There is emerging global consensus on the need to regulate Al and various countries are starting to put in place policies, code of ethics and laws to regulate Al, including the EU with the approval of the world's first comprehensive Al Act and UN Secretary-General calling for Al regulation to "benefit everyone". At the same time, many governments including in the Asia Pacific region are taking a more relaxed or permissive approach to Al regulation.

Contact Person

Christina Pak
Principal Counsel
Asian Development Bank (ADB)