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Decree on Climate Change, 2019 (Lao People’s Democratic Republic)

The objective of the Decree on Climate Change of the Lao People's Democratic Republic is to define the principles, regulations and measures for managing and monitoring climate change impacts, to prevent, limit and mitigate climate change risks to ensure security of livelihood, health, property, environment, biodiversity and infrastructure. The Decree further provides for the development of  a climate change information system. It mandates the natural resources and environment sectors to define policies and strategies on greenhouse gas emission reduction. It also establishes a Climate Change Fund, which is part of the Environmental Protection Fund, intended to be used for the development and improvement of policies and strategies on climate change, scientific and technological research on climate change, and management and resolution of prioritized climate change issues, among others. It also provides for the rights and duties of various government ministries, as well as identifies prohibited acts, and corresponding awards and sanctions.